An Energy Leasing Legacy

Our assets have a history of strong production and reserve replacement – and they have significant remaining potential.

LaBokay Natural Resources is an independently-owned and operated investment company that owns mineral rights on 270,000 acres in some of the most productive areas in western Louisiana. We do not engage in direct exploration activities ourselves – we are exclusively focused on leasing our oil and gas rights for exploration and development by others.

We have significant seismic, well log, and other technical data related to our assets, and offer the use of this data to prospective lessees at no cost.

We have decades of experience supporting the efforts of the exploration and production companies to whom we lease. We seek to collaborate with current and prospective lessees to promote the development of our resources.

Our mineral rights have a long history of strong production and ongoing reserve replacement. The assets were formerly owned and managed by forest products giant Boise Cascade as part of their timberland holdings. In 2005, Boise’s timberland assets were acquired by Forest Capital Partners, a leading Boston-based timber investment firm. In 2012, Forest Capital sold the timberland, but retained the mineral rights and formed LaBokay Natural Resources to hold and manage the mineral assets going forward.

As a result of various inter-company, related-party, and third-party transactions over the past 10 years, different portions of the mineral interests have been held at one time or another under the following names: Boise Southern Company, Boise Cascade Corporation, La Bokay Corporation, Great Eastern Timber Company, Forcap Investments LP, Boise Louisiana Land & Timber LLC, Meriwether Louisiana Land & Timber LLC, LaMinora Properties Inc., Red River Properties Inc., Orson Properties LLC, Cane River Leasing LLC, Angelina Leasing LLC, LaBokay Properties M LLC, and LaBokay Properties F LLC.

Company landmen, leasing agents, and land services companies are encouraged to contact us at for detailed information and assistance in reviewing chain of title.

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