An Energy Leasing Legacy

We are committed to responsive and efficient lease administration and to helping lessees quantify and harness the potential of our oil and gas assets.

LaBokay Natural Resources has a strong investment orientation, and we are flexible in our approach to leasing. In the absence of “standard terms,” we will tailor the economic and business terms of a lease to fit the individual property, its geologic potential and risk, current market conditions, and the circumstances of the prospective lessee. We are committed to disciplined and efficient decision-making, and will respond to offers promptly and thoughtfully.

We are also committed to efficient and effective lease administration. New lease documents can be completed quickly, with turnaround times often as short as a week, and we remain responsive to ongoing administrative needs after the lease is signed.

Our holdings are easily accessible and are primarily located on well-managed working forests owned by established timberland investors. Much of the acreage is governed by surface-use agreements that pre-define reasonable terms and costs related to drilling, road and pipeline access, and seismic projects. We pro-actively support our lessees’ communications and inter-actions with relevant surface owners.


Southern Louisiana ~ 45,000 acres in prime, producing areas

Significant 3D and 2D seismic and other technical data available for use at no cost

Southern Haynesville shale

Acreage adjoining or located around currently producing Haynesville units

Allen Parish with Yegua, Wilcox, and Cretaceous potential

All deep rights available on 70,000 acre block; special incentives for 3D seismic project

Seismic and well data available at no cost

Extensive 3D and 2D, technical data for wells drilled on our minerals (some back to the 1950s)

Vernon Parish, Brookland Austin Chalk field extension

“Drill to earn” terms available for 13,600 acre contiguous block